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White Anthurium Purple Lisyantus Green Hydrangea

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White Anthurium Purple Lisyantus Green Hydrangea

Anthurium, also known as the Flamingo Flower, is a flower that has existed around humanity since ancient times. The anthurium flower is universally known as a symbol of hospitality, as this exotic beauty grows almost anywhere in the home or office. It requires very little maintenance other than irrigation and occasional fertilization and tolerates a wide range of light conditions. As a cut flower, the flowers are long-lasting and retain their beauty and form in flower bouquets. They are often used in bridal bouquets or other wedding arrangements. As a potted plant, the anthurium plant symbolizes abundance and happiness for the home. For this reason, it makes a delightful hostess or housewarming gift.

Red Anthurium: Love and Passion, White Anthurium: Innocence and Purity, Pink Anthurium: Compassion, Femininity, Maternal Love

Meaning of Lisyantus:

Lisianthus has many different meanings to discover,
Sagittarius is the birth flower of the sign, The union of two people for a lifetime bond,
To express gratitude for a friend's gift or favor.
Showing someone how much you appreciate them, especially for their social skills or warm personality
To convince someone that you are charismatic and attractive,
Symbolizes traditional values.

About Hydrangea;

Green Hydrangea: For all kinds of sincere and honest feelings, Gratitude to another and the desire to develop a deeper understanding between two people, Heartlessness and acting without thinking about someone else's feelings, Although it symbolizes a romantic offer to appear, Abundance and prosperity, Elegance and beauty, general positive. Although it is used to express expressions, it is sometimes said that the purple-colored Median was used to express these feelings in history as a reference to excessive arrogance and narcissism.