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Tangerine Tree


Citrus variety that can live in office and home environments. A variety of the citrus family that can be eaten with its peel.

About Tangerine: It has a solid root structure that grows deep in the soil and a thin but vertically long stem. Its well-structured branches have dark green leaves that are smaller and pointed than those of orange, and are shiny and straight on top. The flowers that bloom on the tips of the annual shoots or leaf seats of the tree in spring are white and very fragrant. These flowers ripen into tangerine fruits at the beginning, middle and end of autumn, depending on the tangerine species.

Mandarin Tree Care:

Since the tangerine tree is a member of the citrus family, it should be watered at certain periods. A glass of water should be given once a week. After shedding the fruit, the tree should be pruned.

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