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Flower Notes


Flower notes, flower messages, flower accompanied messages examples

Flower Message For Beloved

These flowers think they are beautiful. I wanted them to see you and be jealous.
You are my most precious treasure, you are my dear.
To be able to see your eyes inside me in the morning of every rising day, believe me, living wouldn't be worth anything if it wasn't love
You know the most beautiful love is impossible, I love you because it is impossible! ..
The night you were born, a warm rain started to fall on the earth. He cried not because it was going to rain, but because they lost an angel like you.
I knew people were like stars, they were all shining. But I chose you, the sun, gave up a thousand stars for one sun.
Some dreams take longer than others. Some of them are very very nice. My longest and most beautiful dream is reading this message right now.
If I lived as much as I loved you, I would call immortality love ...
You know, a treasure is hidden where every rainbow ends. That's what the old say. I followed the rainbow recently, you are over too ... You are my most precious treasure, you are my dear.

Flower Message for Opening

We wish it auspicious, good luck.
Congratulations to your new workplace, we wish you good profits.
We hope that your opening will be beneficial and we wish you good profits.
We hope the opening will be beneficial, and we hope this first step will lead to many more happy steps.
We wish your new workplace to bring you happiness and success and everything to your heart's content.

Flower Message for Mother's Day

The value that has always stood beside me who put up with everything for me is beyond measure, to the sweetest mother in the world. Happy Mother's Day!
If they say describe sacrifice and unrequited love, just? MY MOTHER? I would say. Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day!
My safest shelter in this world is your arms, my biggest chance in this world that you are my mother. I love you mom...
Dear Mummy, I hope I will have the chance to show you the love and patience you have shown me one day.
Happy Mother's Day. My dear mother, what day are you not in my mind!

Love - Flower Message For Affection

I will love you as long as your eyes are in my eyes, your love is in me, your soul is in my body!
Life is beautiful with your love. I love you!
Not my sea, my wave, not my fire, my ash, All of you is yours, my essence is not my first love forgive, will you be my last beloved?
I know no affection over the greatness of your love. With love to the most beautiful special person in my heart?
There is no effort in my heart to forget you, nor a wind that fuels my love, I am neither strong enough to stop seeing you, nor have a heart to endure losing.
I'm so sorry that I can't be with you, I Love You!
Your love gave my heart the most different and most beautiful feelings I have ever experienced. I love you!
To the sweetest and most beautiful lover in the world?
The sun that illuminates my world of being is like the water that cools me inside. I love you!
Your love is the most sacred feeling I have! I love you and will I love forever?

Best wishes to the only owner of my heart!
Special lover who adds meaning to my life, you deserve the best of everything. I love you!
Every day I spend with you makes my life more beautiful. I love you my dear.

Appointment - Flower Message for Promotion

Hope their success continues.
I wish you success and peace. Yours.
We love you very much, we wish you continued success
Hope your new job brings you happiness.
Good luck in your new job, good luck?
We wish you all the best in your new job.
We wish you success in your new assignment.
Wishing you success in your new assignment?
It is his own determination and patience that makes man great. We wish you success in your new position.
Great things cannot be achieved without great people.
Hope to celebrate many more successes together.

Welcome, we wish you success.
Sorry to break up with us, but the world needs your success?
I wish you success in business life.
Successes and happiness always be with you ...
We wish you success throughout your life and hope that your new mission will be beneficial.
We wish your next success to be far superior to the previous one, and we wish everything to happen in your new place.
I wish everything goes well and for good in this business that you have undertaken with hope and effort. I hope you have a lot of profit, good luck and good success.
Your smiling eyes always shine. Always be determined to get started! The rewards will follow. Congratulations for your new job?
After having this beautiful heart and belief, I am sure that he will achieve many more successes. Always stay like this! with love?
New hopes breed new beginnings. New beginnings, a new life! I hope your new job will bring you a life full of peace, success and health. Everything happens to your liking. Yours?

Flower Message For Father's Day

With lots of love and respect to my dear father, who is one of the sun of our house, my daddy, you are in my everyday, not just one day. Happy Fathers Day