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Hearty Elegant Lilies

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Tags: Lilyum, Beyaz Çiçek, Kokulu Beyaz Lilyum

Hearty Elegant Lilies

White Lilies;

It gives a yummy and mild fragrance especially at night, but not all varieties fragrance. The Lilium Flower, which is frequently seen in bridal bouquets, symbolizes sincerity, purity, splendor, elegance and confidence, due to its white color.

Ilium belongs to the lily family. It is a bulbous plant. In the lily family, colors such as red and yellow are usually found, while lilium is a white flower.
As it is used in places to clarify the mind for therapeutic purposes and to reduce depression, the oil obtained from the onions of this plant is frequently applied in skin care creams as aroma therapy.
White Lilies have fascinated people since ancient times. These flowers are also found in the sculptures of Solomon's temple and in many medieval religious paintings; It was used as a 'symbol of purity' as an emblem in some of the most recognizable coats of arms.

Information about the flower;

Number of lilies: 2

Other products used: Cipso, greens
Approximate height of the flower: 34 cm
The weight of the vase: 1.83 kg