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Bonzai Ficus Succulent vAmphora Pink Flowerpot

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Tags: Bonzai Ficus Amphora Pink Flowerpot, Big Ficus Bonzai, Bonsai Flower, bonsai, old tree, Succulent

Bonzai Ficus Succulent Amphora Pink Flowerpot

Bonzai Ficus Amphora Pink Flowerpot: A stylish, hardy bonsai that can live in home and office environments and occasionally bloom with tiny flowers. They are small but old trees in appearance. Bonzai Care: It is the most beautiful flower of homes, offices and indoors that grows in temperate climates. Water is given at least once a week until the soil is fully watered.It is pruned in the autumn period to make it bloom more lush and vibrant in the spring.

About Flower: Size: 50cm