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Seasonal Flowers Design

Seasonal Flowers Design

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Seasonal Flowers Design

About Summer Flowers;

Our bouquet; It is designed from White Lilium, Garbera, Rose and Green Hydrangea.

Our flowers, with their freshness and unique scents, will also encompass your nose and the environment it is in, as well as providing the smile on the face of the person you gift images and meanings.

The meanings of our flowers in the arrangement; Summertime flowers symbolize vitality and joy.

White Lilies: Symbolizes elegance and confidence. Hydrangea Flower: The white ones are purity, purity, sincere and honest feelings of all kinds, gratitude to someone else and more between two people. Abundance and prosperity Elegance and beauty, although it symbolizes the desire to develop a deep understanding, Heartlessness and acting without thinking about someone else's feelings, Romantic proposals to appear Although it is used to express general positive expressions such as, sometimes purple colored Hydrangea is said to be used to express these feelings in history as a reference to excessive arrogance and narcissism. It is said to symbolize abundance with its many flower beads. Our cut flowers can survive for several weeks in a water-filled vase without being exposed to the steep sun. Dominant Colors; Green, Yellow, Orange, White Flowers; Hydrangea, Lilies, Gerbera, Rose

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