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4 Branch Dalmatian Orchid

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4 Branch Dalmatian Orchid

Meaning of Orchid Flower: For lovers the meaning of orchid flower means power, lust, grace, luxury and love.
For Mom and Dad, his wisdom of purity means how precious they are to the close. Pink orchid symbolizes love.

Orchid Care: The soil of the orchids is generally made up of tree bark and the plant receives 80% of the necessary nutrients from air and light, therefore we recommend you to keep your orchid in a closed area that can receive bright daylight. Make sure that you never get direct sunlight behind the glass in the summer months.After filling your plant into a special watering container once a week with enough water to reach half of the pot, you will give all the water your orchid needs by waiting for approximately 1-2 hours and emptying all the water in the container. If there is no water plate underneath, the water you give will pass underneath without pulling the bark. While giving water, make sure that there is a container underneath. Note: Never leave stale water in the container. When the water remains, your orchid may die as the roots will not get air.

About the flower;
Dalmatian Orchid: 4 Branches
Average size: 60cm
Weight: 2.3 kg