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Büyük Papatyalar

Büyük Papatyalar

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Tags: meaning of vitality, large daisies, white daisy, regeneration, abundance, white large daisies, about gerbera, gerbera meaning, big daisy

Large Daisies

A very elegant arrangement prepared with carefully selected large white daisies. You can express vitality, renewal and abundance in the best way with white daisies.
About Gerbera: Gerbera flower is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows in warm regions of Asia and Africa.
Gerbera flowers are in the form of a charcoal star and are located on a leafless flower stalk.
The edges of the leaves emerging from the root are toothed and hairy. Gerbera flowers are from the compound family. They are available in various colors.

Gerbera Meaning: The gerbera flower is the symbol of optimism. It means Health and Happiness.

About Flower:
Gerbera: 15 Pieces
Weight: 1.2 kg
Size: 45cm
Other Products Used; Cipso, foliage, white stone