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Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

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Lemon Tree

Lemon Plant. Citrus variety that can live in office and home environments.
A variety of the citrus family that can be eaten with its peel. It is sent with fruit filled, exactly as shown in the picture.

About Lemon: Its branches are thorny, and the flower bunch form is clear. Leaves are green, shiny and oval. Fruits grow under flowers. A healthy lemon tree has flowers and fruits at the same time. Lemon fruit is oval.

Lemon Tree Care: Since the lemon tree is from the citrus family, it should be watered in certain periods. Water should be given plenty of water once a week. Excess water should be drained from the pot holes. After pouring the fruit of the tree, it should be pruned. In this way, the next fruit formation will be more lush and vibrant. There should be water drain holes. Excessive water for the soil should be drained, otherwise the roots may rot.

About Flower:

Size: 45-60 cm
Average Number of Lemons: 7-20 Pieces


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