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Potted Flower Treatments


If you have grown at least one flower, you have some idea, little or no knowledge, and if you want to improve your hobby, the following information will interest you.

If you have a happy smile on your face when you smell the beautiful colors every time you see the scents and shapes in your daily life, and you want to grow various flowers in your home on your balcony, terrace or in your home garden and want to share your happiness with your loved ones and learn how to grow them, you are in the right place.

Orchid Care

How to care for an orchid flower? How should flower care be?
How should Flower Care, Irrigation, Insect, Add Soil, Pot Change, Vitamin Support, Fertilization?

The soil of orchids usually consists of bark and the plant gets 80% of the necessary nutrients from air and light,
For this reason, we recommend you to keep your orchid in a closed area that can get bright sunlight.
In the summer, make sure that there is no direct sunlight behind the glass. Special irrigation of your plant once a week
After filling the container with enough water to half the pot, keep it for about 1-2 hours and
By draining all the water, you will give all the water your orchid needs. If there is no water plate underneath
The water you give will pass underneath without drawing the bark. While giving water under it, make sure it is a bowl.

Note: Never leave stale water in the container. When there is water left, your orchid may die as the roots will not get air.

Mandarin Tree Care

About Tangerine: It has a solid root structure that grows deep in the soil and a thin but vertically long stem. Its well-structured branches have dark green leaves, smaller and pointed than those of orange, and shiny and straight on top. The flowers that bloom on the tips of the annual shoots or leaf seats of the tree in spring are white and very fragrant. These flowers ripen into tangerine fruits at the beginning, middle and end of autumn, depending on the tangerine species.

Mandarin Tree Care: Since the tangerine tree is a member of the citrus family, it should be watered in certain periods. One glass of water should be given once a week. After shedding the fruit of the tree, it should be pruned. In this way, the next fruit formation will be more lush and vibrant.

Lemon Tree Care:

Since the lemon tree is a member of the citrus family, it needs to be watered at certain times.It should be given a glass of water once a week. There should be water drain holes at the bottom of the pot. Excess water for the soil should be drained, otherwise the roots may rot.

Violet Care

In order to bloom, it needs to see as much light as possible, but it should not be direct sunlight.
Violets like light environments, but they should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
It should be kept moist. It should be watered at least 2 times a week. No water touches the leaves and flowers during irrigation.
must. Otherwise, there will be spots on the leaves and flowers.

Areca Care

The areka, which adorns evergreen homes and offices, is a plant that does not require much direct sunlight.
It should be kept at room temperature in winter and summer. It should be watered once a week. There will be bends in the sun-exposed parts.
To avoid this, the direction should be changed with other parts of the flower.

Benjamin Care

The Benjamin plant can also feed on alternative light sources, so it does not require direct sunlight. Regardless of the season, its environment should be at room temperature. Bending towards the light may occur in sections exposed to direct sunlight. Changing the direction of the flower at certain periods can prevent these bends. It should be watered once a week. Vitamin supplements can be made every 6 months. In general, defoliation is normal.

Bonsai Care

In What Kind of Environment Should Indoor Bonsais Be Raised?

Indoor bonsai should be stored in a bright place without direct sunlight. Bonsai should be looked after in an airy and humid environment.

How should the temperature of the bonsai environment be maintained?

The ambient temperature of the bonsai should not exceed 22 degrees. In the summer, you should frequently ventilate the house to protect the bonsai from heat. Dryness in the winter months will shed its leaves. Therefore, it should be kept in the winter garden or in front of the glass.

Why Does Bonsai Shed So Much?

One of the problems of bonsai is its rapid shedding. One of the biggest reasons for this situation is improper irrigation.

How Should Bonsai Be Watered?

It is necessary to irrigate the bonsai with the sprinkling technique, at the same time, after the excess water under the pot is drained, it should be watered in the same way after about 30 minutes. Thus, the soil will be completely moistened and root rot will be prevented.

If the Bonsai Has Begun to Rot, How to Get It Healthy Again?

The rotting and rotted roots of the bonsai need to be cleaned.

Diefenbahya (Difenbahya) Maintenance

Difenbahya is a very simple plant to grow at home and workplaces. It has long and wide leaves.